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Check out some of the amazing achievements from Shane's career.

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Shane is an ambassador for an exciting new coaching initiative empowering coaches all over the country – stay tuned for more soon!

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What others say about having Shane as a keynote speaker...

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Shane is an ambassador for Shane Heal Community Services, a not for profit organisation dedicated to the fulfilment of a range of health and wellbeing services and a foundation to assist the budding basketball stars of the future.

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Shane Heal’s sporting career is an enthralling tale...

Of the rewards of hard work, passion for what you love and overcoming challenges.

Mainly thanks to his 6 ft frame, Shane Heal had some doubters on his rise to the highest levels of professional basketball. However, Shane never let his size prevent him from pursuing a career in the sport. Shane put in the hard work required to achieve his dreams and always aimed to be fitter than the rest and shoot and dribble better than everyone else.

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Shane's Thoughts

20140910-septBoomers simply managed injuries and fatigue in a game that had no bearing; Slovenia choked

New system needed for FIBA International play

Firstly my views in this article are solely mine and are not written under my role with ABC TV. I also have no role at all with Basketball Australia.

By now most of you would have seen that FIBA has launched an investigation into Australia's loss to Angola. Obviously this came because of public criticism and I feel that FIBA had no choice. I commend Basketball Australia for getting on the front foot so quickly to state its case and innocence. In my opinion nothing will come from the investigation, and thatI believe at most Australia will get a flick on the nose to send a message that BIG BROTHER is watching and the world should take notice for the future.

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Courtesy of the Wellington Saints

The NBL expansion plans sound exciting, and there is no doubt that more teams will mean more players getting an opportunity to play the game at a professional level. I have seen first-hand the high number of kids coming back from college in the USA that have nowhere to play, and it’s a true shame. The NBL has played a vital role in the development of many Australian greats that are now either playing in the NBA or powerful Euro competitions. Guys like Joe Ingles, David Andersen, Matt Nielsen, Nathan Jawai, Aaron Baynes, Patty Mills and Brad Newley are just a few.

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