Shane Heal’s sporting career is an enthralling tale of the rewards of hard work, passion for what you love and overcoming challenges.

Mainly thanks to his 6 ft frame, Shane Heal had some doubters on his rise to the highest levels of professional basketball. However, Shane never let his size prevent him from pursuing a career in the sport. Shane put in the hard work required to achieve his dreams and always aimed to be fitter than the rest and shoot and dribble better than everyone else.

The hard work paid off. Shane went on to an extremely successful career in the NBL, captained the Australian team and was recruited by clubs in Greece and the USA. In addition to everything he has achieved on the court, Shane has also been involved in business outside of basketball now for over 15 years.

Shane is a versatile speaker able to deliver keynote addresses relating to leadership, communication, motivation, culture and team building including a drill that can involve up to 12 audience members. Drawing from his experience as a professional athlete and businessman, Shane's presentations are delivered with a mix of stories and humorous anecdotes from his sporting and business achievements.

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